Sunday 19 November 2017

Saving Tips for Travel - Set Yourself A Goal

I know I hear you groan, but if you want to have great adventures and explore the world, you'll need to save up a bunch of cash (That is if you don't want to hitch hike to the ends of the earth and volunteer for free accommodation all the time). But unless you are planning to work whilst travelling, I think you'd like to have some spending money to do some cool stuff on your adventures of course. With a slight change of thinking and attitude towards money, you don't have to make huge sacrifices or suck all the fun out of your life completely whilst you're saving!

Ok so how to fill the piggy are some suggestions from myself and other travellers out there.....with a little discipline and integrity your ambitions will be realised in the end.... good luck!

First decide on when you'd plan to go and how much you'd want to save for it.
- This could be in months, weeks, years even, but budget more than you'll think you'll need for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise once you're on the road. But set yourself a goal.

See budgeting as a challenge and take it on, its good character building!                                   -
Be attentive to where you are spending and how much you are spending - do you really need those coffees and cable T.V when the money could go towards diving Australia's Great Barrier Reef? I know what I'd rather choose! Just keep an eye on your bank statements regularly and see if you could cut down/out anything that's not a real necessity. You can do it! 

Do Online Banking                                                                            
- Deposit a certain amount of your income each time into an online saving's account (without a debit card) or tax free 'Independent Savings Account' (ISA) and leave yourself a certain amount in your 'Everyday Account' which you can use at your own pleasure. This way you won't be tempted to dive into your savings bank account locked away online and could even add some interest for you whilst you add more funds to it. You could even set up a direct debit from one account to automatically transfer a set amount to your savings account without you worrying about it. Speak to your bank anyhow, I'm sure they're friendly enough!
Get a piggy bank!                                                                            
- They're so cute and a nice little money pot saver to pop that leftover change in and watch it mount up.

Fundraise for your trip                                                                   
Ok you probably won't be able to get sponsored to take off on a Australian working holiday visa or a skiing trip to Austria - but if you're going to volunteer overseas with say an Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand or building a school in Africa for example you could raise funds. See if you can do something to fundraise your placement fee - runs, practical jokes, car washes, shopping bag packer for donations etc. its for a good cause after all and could be fun. Use the digital age tools of Crowdfunding, GoFundMe and other social networking platforms or ask others for help and ideas.
Get sponsored for your Placement Fee!                                                  
- I know some volunteer placements abroad can seem expensive but check out where the money you will pay will go - you've worked hard for it after all! Rotary Clubs, Trusts, Councils and certain organisations will give grants out to people, especially young people, to undertake voluntary work abroad. You can visit your local library for lists of these organisations under specific departments or research online. Also, you could make a cool information booklet about your desired placement and send out letters to companies to enquiry about their interest in sponsoring you. You could do a presentation, report, mention them in the media in return for their generous help. If you're willing to put in the work, it can pay off - literally!

Save some money for your return                                                         
- Yes, all good things must come to end for most of us and if you do plan on returning home then it probably would be a good idea to have a small amount waiting for you to soften the blow. Withdraw some cash out of your bank account before hand and give to a trusted friend or family member to keep for you whilst you're away. Deposit some money in an account you can only access by visiting your own home bank. Additionally, you could hide it somewhere yourself but at least remember where you put it so you can find it again! 

See other notes on tips to save money for travel later....
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