Sunday 26 November 2017

Saving Tips for Travel - At Home

At Home
Some useful notes and suggestions on saving from the comfort of your own home... 

1. Move back into the family home 
- Ok it might not sound ideal now that you're all grown up, but moving back in to your family home will enable you to save more money for travels without those extra costs you pay out to landlords and the like. Of course this can't be an option for everybody but if it is, its a good idea in terms of saving more money....

2. Get a Roommate or Rent out a Room 

- If you're living and renting on your own, maybe consider getting in a roomate to split the housing cost? Also, if you have your own place, how about renting out spare rooms for lodgers etc, for extra money? Try Air BnB or other hosting websites.  

3. Cut down on the Electricity, Water and Gas Bills

- If you're playing the bills, see if you can lower them down in a few ways. Don't leave taps running. Unplug appliances when not in use. Turn off lights (better for the enviroment too). Take shorter showers. Girls, let your hair dry by air and not by hot air. Use the washing machine with a full load of clothes. Hand wash dishes. Keep Central Heating at a mild temperature and just put on an extra layer in the chilly British winter. You get the idea  

4. Say Goodbye to Cable and Sky T.V 

- Or cut down on T.V altogether and take up something else (less electricity bill anyway) but maybe you could limit your T.V watching to just UK 'Freeview' channels without paying extra or just watch stuff online - everything is pretty much accessible to watch on the net now. If you really don't want to give up cable, maybe see if you can get a cheaper deal....

5. See if you can get Cheaper Internet and Phone Deals?        

- Maybe check out whether you could find better broadband and landline deals? Also downgrading on your mobile phone and using 'Pay As You Go' could get you out of paying contracted fees... Skype and other platforms are also a very good cost effective way to communicate and it can be free!

6. Save Food Vouchers and Make Meal Plans

- Depending on what you're chosen diet is, try planning in advance what you may want to eat in the coming week and then buy in whatever you have discount vouchers for and what you'll need. Resist the urge to buy something just 'because it has a 'Sale' sign on it' - if you don't need it, don't buy it. Some other people stock up on something which is a good deal and will keep well for a while in the freezer.

7. Go Food Shopping on a Weekly or Monthly basis if you can

- Try buying in bulk, this will save you going back more often to spend more money.

8. Down size on those luxury things...a bit

-  Ok if you really want to travel and are thinking about far flung adventures then you probably won't miss those luxury items for a while which makes your rent soar through the roof. Maybe move somewhere cheaper to live whilst your travel saving - four walls and a ceiling and all that. 

9. Sell your unwanted stuff!

-  Have a good clear out and see what's been collecting dust over the years, - 'One mans junk is another man's treasure' as they say....
Things you forgot you had or will never use or don't serve you anymore could be worth something! List them online at Uk community sites Craiglist, Gumtree and Ebay where the monopoly lies and see if you can get any interest. Amazon and are good online resources to list unwanted books and music aswell as Music Magpie who will pay you to send unwanted DVD's and CD's to them.

You could also check out used goods shops or cash converters for potential extra cash.

Other ideas could be good old fashioned car boot sales, cashing in old electrics and jewellery or having interested buyers come to your home to look for unwanted furniture (make sure a friend is with you before inviting strangers over). Nicer designer clothes could be taken to resale shops or somewhere where they can send them away.

All extra pennies for your travel piggy bank!

10. Second Hand Decorating!

- Feel like sprucing up your home for a fresh change? Instead of buying first hand furniture and items, have a fun hunt around online, in charity shops, vintage markets or barter and swap things with friends! Decorate your walls with artwork and your own photos. Another idea is to learn new D.I.Y skills so you can take care of things yourself! All these things come in handy in your life on the road. 

11. Ultimately if you're Game - Sell Your House!
- Yes, people have done it.

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