Sunday 4 February 2018

Reduce your Plastic Footprint : Water-to-Go Drink Bottles

Greetings readers! 

Happy New Year! Been a while since I've done a blog post over winter. I've been trying to work on my new creative writing travel book among other things including trying to cope with my SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) but to try and banish the winter blues, I wanted to share this super cool product I came across which I've wanted for a while.....

I was attending travel writing seminars with Wanderlust Travel Magazine at the Adventure Travel Show in London last month (and if you like Adventure and you like Travel there are some really cool and inspiring talks in the theatres) and on my way around the labyrinth of orange stands, tents and an aeroplane flying dog (there really was - check end of post) a rather interesting water demonstration was going on at one of the stands which of course piqued my curiosity - don't you just love a good demonstration?

What I found was something I just been looking for to add to my travel accessories. Imagine you're out in the harsh barren bush of the Aussie outback (and I've been there) or run out of water on a hike or adventurous camping trip in deepest darkest Africa - either way, you've run out of water. The sun is blazing. You'd be stuffed right? Or you could be willing to drink your own urine Bear Grylls style....

OK, that sounds a bit extreme and Bear Grylls would probaly filter water through a sock full of sand, but we all know our bodies would dry up like mummies and expire if we don't get fluids into us within on average 3 - 4 days, longer if you're lucky. But maybe looking on a more likely scenario - you're on a hike  overseas and you run out of water and need to hydrate. You're passing rivers and lakes, even water puddles and unsure about drinking the water because of possible bacteria and viruses that teems within. Well, back to this demonstration, I found the solution which could one day save my life and yours whilst out exploring the world!

The Water-to-Go drinks bottle is a superb and really vital accessory to drinking safer and minimise the risk of you getting sick - and its not just getting sick, the water filtration system (as it says on the packaging) uses space programme technology to filter over 99.9% of microbiological hear that 'space programme technology' its out of this world!

I'm offered to examine and smell the murky cloud of water in a jar riddled with bacteria, dirt and other impurities (yep don't want to be drinking that) before its poured into one of the brands 75cl bottles in front of me wrapped in a funky snug holder in a plethora of colours to choose from. Once the cap is screwed back on (and usually left to lie for about 12 - 15 mins) the bottle is then turned upside-down to simulate drinking and squeezed slightly so the liquid flushes pass through an internal 3 in 1 filter and hey viola, clear, pure, safe drinkable water to go - No chemicals, its genius! I was sold. 

Water-to-Go bottles aren't a one trick pony - here are other benefits

* Its environmentally friendly reusable bottle, which is a great alternative to single use plastic bottles when you're travelling which can end up on beaches!

* Make savings on refilling the filtered bottle from the tap, removing fluoride and bad taste so you don't have to buy lots of bottled water and still have safe drinking water.

* Each of the filters give 200 litres of cleaner water

* Its BPA Free with no Bisphenol A - that industrial chemical used to make plastics so it reduces plastic pollution! Don't you just hate seeing all that plastic ending up in the beautiful ocean and inside animals stomachs, plus its healthier for you and will make fish happy!

Despite not being effective on salt water, there's tons of pluses to adding this to your backpack on your next adventure or when needing pure water from an unfiltered tap. You'd have to gauge or unscrew the cap to see how much water you have left in the 75cl black bottles, but the smaller 50cl clear bottles are ideal for the gym bag or school trips. Replacing the internal filters after a few months or so depending on how much you use it is no biggie, they'll available online or from real-life shops - if any of you still go to real-life shops......I still live mentally in the late 80's and 90's y'know...

In summary, I couldn't flaw it and would recommend you add it to your back pack essentials too. Remember, there are thousands of people getting sick in our world because of a lack of purification and sanitation - make the most of the privilege! (in a non-telling off sense :)) 

Check them out on their website Water-to-Go for more details and cool facts.

By the way, I had a great Adventure Travel Show, two of my photographs were chosen as the final 14 winners of the 'Strange World Photography' Competition - a great way to round off a weekend!



And here's that flying dog...... 


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