Sunday 10 December 2017

Saving For Travel Tips - Working For Your Travel Funds Before You Go

Working For Your Travel Funds Before You Go.

Some useful Notes and Suggestions on Working Before You Go.

Ok. So you've done your research, asked your questions and signed up to a ethical turtle conservation program you've always wanted to do in Costa Rica, done the rounds of appealing for sponsors for you to coach football to orphaned children in Ghana for a few months, had a stab at fundraising for that and downsized your clutter load for any bits of pieces you could exchange for some cash.

Now, unless you've got a Working Holiday Visa, you'll need to pay for placement companies for your niche volunteer experience or living costs on the road before you leave - time for some elbow grease and work to suffice your travel funds nicely before you go. 

1. Try to get a Main Job
- If you can, try and get something you will enjoy doing for a while to generate the bulk of your income to your travel funds. A job which can offer you overtime could be a real bonus if you're a workaholic and want to work extra hours, but the option would be there for you at least if you wanted to. 

2. Get a Second Job

- If you think you'll have some extra time on your hands and you want extra work, maybe consider getting a part time or weekend job to roll in some more money.

If you're interested and depending on where your skills lie, there might be something around in the evenings such as bar work, restaurants, food deliveries or in establishments that stay open in the evenings - cinemas, sports and entertainment centres etc. that will take casual workers to do odd shifts and hours. An evening job may in fact deter you from being tempted to have too many expensive nights out as the opportunity won't be there.
Event agencies take on casual day staff for evening and weekend work.

If you live near a city, becoming a supporting artist or a film extra for professional film and T.V productions will pay you as their agents are located there. 

Another idea could be to register with a temp work agency who could get you some extra work based on your availabilityChristmas casual work is always popular during the holiday season with extra help needed in retail, Christmas events and even with your local mail depots from November to January. Make the most of the season!

3. Advertise your willingness to do Odd Jobs
- Ask around in your neighbourhood or with family and friends to see if they have ideas of odd jobs or know contacts who might find a helpful person like you useful. You could always post notices offering to baby sit, dog walking, gardening, cleaning, food shopping, care work, car washing, handyman work etc. in your local community. Of course exercise caution and common sense when dealing with strangers, especially you girls...

4. Offer your Skills and Talents

- What are you good at? can you play a sport really well? paint? write? fix cars? play the guitar? great with computers? etc. If you have a particular talent in something, you could offer it in exchange for some pocket money. Get qualified to teach your favourite sport on the weekend or offer to make or fix things for people for a fee. Have a think.  

5. Make Money Online
- So you've had a crack of selling your unwanted stuff online on Ebay, Amazon, Music Magpie, Craiglist, and Gumtree but people have also made some money additional online. Getting money for an online blog ​​is possible, as well as online market research, surveys, selling their professional photographs and e-books if you're inclined. Research the internet for more ideas, advice and the best platforms.

6. See if you're due a Tax Return.

In the UK, if you haven't earnt over your Personal Allowance of £11,500 in your annual gross earnings you should be eligible to receive any tax you've paid during the tax year from any employer you have worked for. You can fill out a tax return online at HMRC after April 5th when the tax year ends - you might get a nice surprise of an extra couple of hundred dropping into your bank!

Ching Ching!

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