Thursday 28 November 2019

Kilimanjaro Challenge : In The Press....

Sutton Guardian article 5th December, 2019

Jambo, Jambo!

I've been recovering from a nasty cold I picked up during my trip back to Africa to climb the mighty Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The altitude, sleep deprivation and stress that my body was under in the cold and wet conditions practically comatosed me for a fair few days. I'm told your body could take several weeks to realign its chemical balance and red blood cell count after ascending at extreme altitude like Kilimanjaro. However, in my period of convalescencing over the last month since I returned from Africa - I've managed to get some nice press and media coverage in London and the UK about my Kilimanjaro expedition to 'The Roof of Africa' and raising awareness of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E) a chronic neurological condition that my twin sister has suffered from for over ten years.

Radio Jackie 

I returned back to my local radio station 107.8 FM Radio Jackie - Sound of South West London to talk about my tough experience climbing Kilimanjaro. You can listen to a sound bite here 

In The News...

South West Londoner Newspaper ran a great article about my expedition and raised great awareness of M.E in November.

Returning victorious to the The Gym Group, London Sutton practically my second home four times a week over my six month training for Kilimanjaro and teaching me how to box! Manager John Gardiner and his team of staff were very supportive of my challenge and were super happy to see me having survived and brandishing my summit certificate and a rock from the 'Roof of Africa'. 

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'Sutton Voice' community website published news of my successful expedition here

UK Tennis Magazine published a photograph in the #45 2019 issue and benefactors 'Action For M.E' themselves, printed my story in their charity magazine 'InterAction' about the help fundraisers have given to aid improving the lives of people suffering with M.E. 

The charity also gave me the sweetest thank you card for having raised over £1,000 for them, good job I made the top then! 

That's it for now, you never know if more is to come but I hope that I have raised awareness for M.E and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome through my expedition and excited to reveal my grand total of.....£1,300 will make a huge difference to improve the lives of those living with M.E.

Any podcasts or media interested about my experience - please send me a scribble below. 

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