Tuesday 9 July 2013

The Day Murray Won Wimbledon - My Video Blog

Our hearts were in our mouths, our knees quivering as we held our breaths in the rally of the final point....but after 77 years, 15 Prime Ministers and 3 Monarchs, a British Man FINALLY wins the Wimbledon Men's Singles Title...and I was there...here's my video blogs following me on the unforgettable day that Andy Murray made sporting history....

1.The Beginning - The 6am Queue

2.The Famous Wimbledon Queue Begins....

3. Further Down The Queue...Nearly There!



4. Inside The Grounds!


5. Squeezing on Henman Hill!


6. From The Hill - Murray takes the first set!

At this point the temperature has soared to over 30 degrees and is the hottest day of the year - I begin handing out pages of my copy of 'The Daily Telegraph' I'd bought in the queue....not to read....but to help people keep cool! (knew it would come in handy besides reading)


 7. From The Hill - Murray takes the second set!

 8. The Moment Murray wins Wimbledon!


The new champion himself...well worth the 6 hour queue and 30 degree heat!!

and his proud mother too...

Also made a famous friend ......Great day for Scotland!


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