Tuesday 20 August 2013

Two Summer Books that will Inspire the Free Spirit in you!

Hello people,

It's still summer and you should be in high spirits!! so I'd like to share with you two fantastic travel books I own that are guaranteed to inspire the free spirit you've always wanted to unleash!

How to Travel The World on $5 A Day : Travel, Cheaper, Longer, Smarter
- Matt Kepnes

Bingo! isn't that just music to the ears of anyone who has dreamt of exploring to the ends of the fantastical suspending sphere of Planet Earth - 'without sacrificing comfort OR the adventure you seek'. C'mon this is not just another 'travel book' appearing on the shelf, its written by long term American traveller Matt Kepnes from the largest travel blog online  today Nomadic Matt who has gathered invaluable information from his seven years of full time travelling on a budget around 70 countries to date....he knows a thing or two about travelling, showing you that by spending approximately $50 a day, you can travel longer without having to be living the cliché life of a pauper on bread and water and squatting in rat infested backpackers with dripping ceilings as a budget traveller (I have never had a rat as a roommate but was lucky enough to get a dripping ceiling on one occasion!). Matt generously shares his experience and knowledge in an attempt to eradicate the 'travel is just for the rich' or 'too expensive' ethos that acts as an obstacle to many who dream of adventure and discovery without breaking the bank. Full of tricks, tips and secrets the book includes how to live and budget differently whilst saving for your travels, how to get free flights, finding cheap and comfortable accommodation and how to make your finances last for travelling cheaper, longer and smarter....plus more. 

Disrupting The Rabblement : Think For Yourself, Face Your Fears, Live Your Dreams, Piss Off Some Zombies
- Niall Doherty

Friendly Irish-born Niall Doherty of 'Disrupting the Rabblement' quit his job nearly three years ago and has since become a self-employed vagabond. Choosing to think for himself, he remains unconditioned by society to pursue his passions and help other people escape mediocrity whilst he takes on the challenge of travelling around the world without flying. Along with his You Tube Channel 'Renaissance TV' his E-book 'Disrupting the Rabblement' is his personal take on showing people how to 'rabble rouse' taking control of their own lives, challenging conformity and eradicate thoughtless living....tempting you to realise you can become fully conscious to your decisions and living a more fulfilling life.
In his own words..

'Disrupting the Rabblement is for all those people who have been doing what was expected of them and following all the rules, only to find that type of life extremely unfulfilling. It’s also for people who have already broken free and are aiming to make a positive difference in the world. It’s for anyone who wants to think for themselves, follow their dreams and help others do the same.'

Read the book if this sounds like you....its not a crime to think for yourself or say 'That doesn't make sense to me....'

Happy reading!

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