Sunday 11 April 2010

Australia Adventures: 9. My Night In The Australian Bush...

Ever wondered what the Aussie Bush is like at night? On the Yurt Farm besides the Village, Mike had built four more Yurts spread across his land for more private stays for people or for the more adventurous types. I was one of the those people and having visited some of the other yurts with my fellow Wwoofers, I wanted to experience being out in the bush overnight on my own with my new found skills, wanting to shake off my push-button city girl background and fend for my self. So I packed my bag, threw in a tin of spaghetti and armed with 'Boots' headed into the bush with the snakes and Kangeroos to find a yurt for the night.....
The good news is....I survived it! and I cannot tell you how beautiful it is to walk back through the bush at sunrise listening to the laughing Kookaburras and watching the flight of wild grey Kangeroos for the first time.
I stayed at the farm for 2 months and more WWOOFers came along, Leisbeth and Nele from Belgium, Dan from Canada, Struen from Scotland and Heather and Sean from Ireland, so I was meeting different people from around the world and working and living with them. It’s a very unique experience, especially when we were the first WWOOFers to find the surf boards and clean them off to surf the farm dams! Its been a blast and I’m gonna do more WWOOFIN’ working my way around Australia. I’ve had so many good times and adventures so far It’s the best way, you get to meet actual Australians and be part of their lives which I feel is a much more of an adventure.

I began painting a horse mural as a gift to the family for their kindness but the avocado harvest is starting so I plan to return one day to finish it. It feels good to be here ready to work, the weather is getting bad in NSW so I bought a plane ticket with my last set of funds and ran away to the north for the winter! ha (seems to be the only country where you can actually escape from the winter so you can have an endless summer - very sweet)


I leave the Yurtfarm for now, remembering the wisdom of Mike as he told me Five Golden things that most people may need to find their lives fulfilled.

1. To be in Love with someone
2. To have someone Love you back
3. To have something to play
4. Have a passion
5. Have a job you like

But onto the next chapter of the adventure……..and I hope its a job I like which will finally get me some money in my pocket…one eventually gets tired of Nutella Sandwiches and Apples haha!


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