Wednesday 7 July 2010

Australia Adventures: 14. So I Ran Away With The Circus...

Well not really....

Howdy! I've been non stop on the Aussie road for a while but have had quite an adventure...After crashing in a memorable backpackers in Cairns, I headed down the coast to Townsville failing to pick up a lift from another traveller and got my self a volunteer job on an animal and amusement farm that supply animals for fairs and rides for carnivals. My job was to be up at the crack of dawn to feed the menagerie of hungry squawking farm animals, ducks, guinea pigs, chickens, cows, horses, you name it... even bottle feeding adorable baby goats! and then repeat the whole process again in the evening.

Taking care of the kids....

In return as Aussie's love their sports as I do, the friendly neighbours 'The Cullens' who had a cafĂ© next door to the farm took me to a game of 'Polo Cross' which is pretty much like lacrosse but played on horseback, super skilled riders and was very impressive. My host also took me to see a NFL Football Game between the Townsville Cowboys and Canberra Raiders which was quite an experience sitting around hard core Australian football supporters. A night out to see the horse show 'The Man From Snowy River' was quite a treat - you ever seen a horse dance?

Sporting Outings in Oz

Two weeks later, I was asked to come on the road with them and their other showman friends Adrian the Snake Man, a motorcycle stunt man and a Family Circus.

We did shows down the East coast stopping off at towns towards Mackay, setting up a petting zoo and inviting people to come feed and pet them, which has been quite an unique experience (especially working with children and animals) chasing escaped pigs in the showground and rounding up baby ducklings that were let out and find hanging out at the pizza stand is a few of the mishaps that comes with working with animals as well as cruising the mountains on the stunt mans motorcycle (wheelies! no not really) I feel extremely lucky to been allowed to sample this exclusive carnival lifestyle as an 'outsider' and a 'Pommie Sheila' one at that. I count my lucky stars everyday, this is something not every traveller will get to do....

A common sign on lavatory doors for us 'Ladies' ha 

On to the next show....

My nights were spent on the bumper cars, wandering the magnetising showground full of glow and folly, taking photography for the circus and trying to learn the more easier circus tricks aswell as sleeping on the circus stage under the big top..with the show snakes!

Trying to master the art of circus


Behind the curtain at the circus....I helped out backstage

The life of a circus performer...

I'm making my way further down south of Queensland to Emerald to meet my friend at the end of the month, we have a job at a mandarin farm this month - in the meantime, my circuit as a 'show woman' has ended and I've pressed on to Airlie Beach after getting a nice lil bit of money for the shows.

I have my eye on a pirate ship that takes you out to the Whitsunday Islands so we'll see....hope you're all well.

Bye for now!

With Lonely Planet Travel Guide Australia 

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